Do it yourself Halloween treats

Over this week we will be bringing you a number of ways to get creative for Halloween. First up, let’s get spooky with our Halloween zombie biscuits!


603C0300What you will need:

  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 cup of flower
  • 175g unsalted/lightly salted butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • Icing sugar and decorations
  • A gingerbread man cookie cutter – Eat me Gingerbread Man Cookie…

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Top 5 Sale Picks (for a fiver or less!)

Top 5 Sale Picks (for a fiver or less!)

Last week we launched our Summer Sale and in our keenness to make way for all the lovely new stuff that will begin arriving in our warehouse next month we’ve gone pretty crazy with some low, low prices.

Always wanting to be as helpful as possible, we thought you might want to know which the real bargains are, so here are our Top 5 Sale Picks, that will give you change from a fiver!


First up is…

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7 cool things to do in London this week

7 cool things to do in London this week

Sadly, England’s hopes of winning the world cup were decimated last week by Luis Suarez playing for Uruguay BUT that doesn’t mean the end of having fun here on English soil. So, if you are in need of a little injection of happiness, or were never really ‘in to’ football to begin with, here are 7 cool and quirky events that you can do this week to make the most of summer in London.

1. Zoo Lates,…

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Introducing… Priscilla

Introducing… Priscilla


Hi Folks!

Priscilla here, currently getting very excited about heading off to Glastonbury tomorrow! I love going to festivals, and every year I try and attend a different one, this year I am super excited to be going to Glastonbury again – it’s been several years since I last went, and it will be the first time going with my husband Jimmy.  I can’t wait!  This is me at my very first Glasto, that…

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And the winner of the World Cup 2014 is….

And the winner of the World Cup 2014 is….

…the question that everyone would love to know the answer to.  It probably won’t be England though, after yesterday’s performance.

Yes, the World Cup is well under way and betting is at a new high with advances in technology allowing fans and fanatics to place bets through their smartphones anywhere in the world. Everyone fancies themselves as an expert on the sport and they believe that they can…

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The Sass & Belle Festival Guide

The Sass & Belle Festival Guide

You may recall last week we gave you our tips on the essentials you need to ensure a happy, enjoyable, stress free festival.

Since there are several frequent festival goers at Sass & Belle HQ this week we bring you the festivals we think will be the highlight of summer 2014:

Glastonbury: 25th – 29th June

glasto pic

The daddy of all festivals and unlike any other.  If it’s your first time going you will be…

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Happy Father’s day!

Happy Father’s day!

I love u dad

As you are most probably aware, today is Father’s Day. Now, much as we love our Dads, we never really spend as much time, or give them as much appreciation as we do our Mums.  Who do we go shopping with?  Mum.  Who do we call for a chat at least once a week?  Mum.  Who is it you most miss being around to give you cuddles like when you were little?  Mum.  Yet we wouldn’t be without our Dads, and…

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Festival Essentials

With Field Day happening last weekend in London’s Victoria Park, and the Isle of Wight, Eden and Download festivals all on this weekend, festival season is well and truly upon us.


They used to be the preserve of hard core music fans, where thousands of people would descend upon a field in the countryside, to drink flat, warm beer, eat hugely overpriced burgers and watch as many bands as humanly…

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Introducing… Cuthbert and Florence Owls

Introducing… Cuthbert and Florence Owls

Hello there dearies!  Cuthbert here, with my dear wife Florence, just popping in with a guest post for our great friends over at Sass & Belle HQ.

cuthburt florence

We are two of the oldest owls in Cornucopia Forest and we have a large family that we share our tree with- our children Robin, Roxie and Dora, our son-in-law Dave, and our dear grandchildren Frank and Sylvia, not to mention my sisters Penny and Mol…

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Office charity cake bake

Office charity cake bake

A little while ago we held our annual Office Cake Bake here at Sass & Belle HQ and we had a ball raising some dough for our sponsored charity the NDCS.

Here are some pics of some of our cakes.




The traditional Rocky Road

photo 1

An ever so yummy gooey chocolate brownie.


Some delicious French canelés (with a lot of rum). 3 for £1.


1 slice of cake = £1


Some blueberry muffins alongside a few Asian curry…

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