The great Sass & Belle Easter Egg hunt

The great Sass & Belle Easter Egg hunt

We are so excited that Easter is just around the corner, we have already indulged in a few Easter treats in the office! Even Josephine the Owl, who has a penchant for baking, checked out the Easter displays in the local Patisserie during her long weekend in Paris.



To help get you in the mood for celebrating Easter we have a little Easter egg hunt for you to play. We have hidden five colourful…

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Dora and Dave dabbling in Dubai!

Dora and Dave dabbling in Dubai!

Hello, Dave of Dora and Dave owls here. We have just come back from our exotic holiday in Dubai and my does my tan is looking very good. We have been showing all the other owls at Sass & Belle what a smashing time we had. Dubai is a beautiful place!

Dave by the pool

Here I am, poolside, with a pair of sunnies.

Burj Khalifa

We visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world!

View from Palm Jumeirah monorail

Here is the view of from the Palm…

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We’ve received a postcard from Dora & Dave. Our friends travel ‘owl’ over the world!

We’ve received a postcard from Dora & Dave. Our friends travel ‘owl’ over the world!

We have just received a postcard from the Owly couple, Dora and Dave!


Can you guess where they are? We spy palm trees and sunshine. Here’s a helpful tip: this exotic city is home to the tallest building in the world.

Stay tuned to find out where this lucky couple are holidaying!

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Introducing… Jimmy the Owl

Introducing… Jimmy the Owl

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya!

Jimmy here, just back from the pub with my cousin Hamish in honour of it being Beer Day in the US!  Today marks 81 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt made it once again legal to drink alcohol following the Prohibition.

Since my great, great, great, great Grandfather (who left Ireland to start a new life in America) was instrumental in making this happen I like…

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Introducing… Hamish the Owl

Introducing… Hamish the Owl

Since today is Tartan Day, a day for rejoicing in all things Scottish, I thought that I, Hamish, a proud Scottish owl, could give you a little bit of insight into what it is like being the only Scottish owl in the woods.

As a wee bairn I lived by the braw banks of the Loch Ness, here I am with my old friend Nessie – I miss her!


When my auld cousin Jimmy (from Ireland) married the bonnie…

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It’s Walk to Work Day!

It’s Walk to Work Day!

‘Walking is man’s best medicine’ Hippocrates was quoted as saying over two millennia ago and this morning our men and women took this sage advice and walked from all corners of London to work. Walk to Work Day is about taking the chance to reduce carbon emissions, get fit, and avoid the traffic! Walking is also a great way to gently introduce yourself to some regular exercise.

This morning, in…

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April Fool!

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to prank you, we just have some interesting facts about April Fools’ Day.

The origins of this playful tradition are mixed, although April japes have been dated as far back as the Roman festival of Hilaria and the Medieval Feast of Fools. Today, April Fools’ is celebrated with pranks, hoaxes and sending people on a ‘fool’s errand’ – for something that doesn’t exist.


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Introducing… Chester the Owl

Introducing… Chester the Owl


Hello, Chester the Owl here! I am a jetsetting owl who is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I enjoy skydiving and base jumping whenever I can, and when I’m not roosting with the other Owls at Sass & Belle I am also a part-time City Trader making it big on Wall Street, New York City.

As you may have seen, my friend Florence the Owl documented her Spring trip to Veniceand here I am going to…

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Lots of photo shoots!

Lots of photo shoots!

Here at Sass & Belle HQ we ensure that we have lots of new and exciting images of our latest products to showcase our beautiful giftware, and we have lots of fun doing it! Recently we have been busy as bees with back-to-back photo shoots with a brand new team working hard to create the very best lifestyle shots. Here we can reveal some sneak-peek behind the scenes action!


Our glamorous models…

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Sass & Belle at the Ideal Home Show

Sass & Belle at the Ideal Home Show

It’s the final weekend of the Ideal Home Show, so if you haven’t been yet or loved it so much you want to go again, make sure that you check out Sass & Belle’s stands (2K30 and 2J23).

Here are some sneak peeks of our stands.



Some unmissable bargains are as low as £1.


So many pretty gifts and decorations!



Our helpful and friendly staff will be on hand for assistance.

DSCF1367Looking forward to seeing…

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